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The ESD (Electro Static Discharge) brush has been developed over time to meet the specific needs of the electronics industry as well as industries where static-electric charges or build up are detrimental to the manufacturing process. ESD brushes provide manufacturers of electronics and static-sensitive products the tools to clean and manufacture goods without creating a static charge.
ESD brushes are needed in electronics manufacturing, they help to clean the PCB’s (remove dirt, flux residues etc.), and discharge static electricity through properly ESD grounded operator. Conductive brushes minimize static charge generation during cleaning. Black static dissipative polypropylene handles are able to pass the charges to the ground.. Conductive fibers resistance : 10e4 – 10e6 Ω, Dissipative handle resistance: 10e8 – 10e10 Ω, here’re neutral brushes, harder brushes and soft brushes:  Harder brushes are used mainly for electronics in manufacturing and service of the circuit boards. Soft brushes are used for cleaning optics, micro-circuits etc.

Technical Specification

Type: Cleaning & Finishing Bristle Discs Style: Tooth Brush, U Style Brush
Brush Material: Synthetic Fiber,  Nylon Function: Dust-proof, Cleaning
Product Name: ESD Brush Usage: Dust-proof, Cleaning
Bristle Surface Resistivity: 10e8-10e10ohms Handle Surface Resistivity: 10e4-10e6ohms
Handle: Conductive PP Material Bristles: Conductive Nylon Material
High Light: PCB Electrostatic Discharge Tools, ANSI S2020 ESD Tools, ANSI S2020 electrostatic discharge hand tools


1, Great for removing dust, small particles from PCB or other sensitive components, and dissipate the static
electricity to the ground when held by grounded personnel.
2, Soft and flexibility, no scratch on surfaces.
3, Corrosion resistant and fire resistant.


Product line, CMOS chip, Microprocessor, Semiconductor, Dish Drivers, LCD screen product, Circuit product line, Precision instrument, optics part etc.


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