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Solder fume extractor systems and accessories are used to remove and cleanse toxic fumes produced during soldering operations. Extractor systems perform three primary functions:
Remove fumes, clean airflow and exhaust or recirculate the cleansed air. Extractor systems come in various sizes for different applications. They may be small, portable systems with flexible arms to pinpoint the location of fume uptake or they may be large, hooded systems that encompass an entire workstation.
Fume extraction is reliable and really effective volume extraction type, 2-operator’s ready-to-use Solder Fume Extraction System. It is designed for continuous and reliable working on production line. Its powerful and maintenance-free brushless turbine combined with electronic speed control, provides clean working environment at low maintenance cost. The electronic Speed Controller regulates air-flow volume continuously.
Two Operators ready-to-use Solder Fumes Extraction System Model top is fitted with metal plate and Three stage Filters : Pre-Filter, Middle Filter and HEPA Filter. Combination/Charcoal of these Filters clean polluted air by separating 99.9% contaminated solder fumes. This System is designed for use both in industrial and laboratory environment. All it needs is input Power Supply only.
1. Normally Pre-Filter only needs periodic replacement when there is less suction of fumes.
2. These 3 Filters should never be washed nor should be cleaned with compressed air at all.

Technical Description

Fan Type Industrial Frequency Centrifugal Fan
Motor Power 200W
Power Source 1PH,220V(±10%),50Hz
Filtration Area 3.5m2
Filtration Media Glass Fiber Filter +Active Carbon
Weight 15kg approx
Effective Air Suction 260m3/
Number Of Filter Cartridge 1 set(3 layers)
Filtration Efficiency 260m3/
Single Suction Arm 1 or 2 pcs 1.2mm
Noise ≤65±5db(A)
Dimensions (Excluding Suction Arm) 314 x 314 x 420 mm
Hassle free easy-to-start operation with all inclusive kit – supplied Easy-to- manoeuver Extraction Arms positioning of Fumes.
Has low noise (≤65±5dB(A)) in operation continuous running Filters design removes hazardous gaseous/adhesive substances from fumes.
 Reliable & virtually maintenance-free Brushless DC Turbine.
Low running cost as normally low cost Pre-Filter mainly need replacement periodically as and when there is choking of fumes extraction.
 Integrated design, convenient installation, flexible move, no pipes needed.
Built-in way to avoid indoor air filtration cycle air conditioning / heating discharged to outside.
Multi-position design, air flow Adjustable, flexible suction arms adjust freely. Application for position of iron welding, soldering oven, wave soldering, reflow oven. Laser welding, engraving, marking, cutting.
 High-power brushless motor, long life, low noise, a high air flow.
It adopts internal three layers filtering (including activated carbon filters) to ensure the filter more accurate, get rid of smell stronger, extend the service life.
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