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Available with Clamp and base

This product is better suited for inspections with work breaks. It is preferred in applications that truly demand the higher magnification.

A wide field lens that allows crystal clear, distortion free view at 4 X Area magnification.

The large size allows free head movement that leads to more comfort.

Independent side lamps allow choice of shadow free or directional lighting.

This is a premium model that provides the best in optics – a wide field lens, made of high quality color free optical glass; and an easily maneuverable stand with fully concealed balancing mechanism.



Specially designed, distortion controlled high quality lens correctly sized for both eyed (bi-ocular) vision.

Lens Size

Primary lens of 170 mm (L) * 105mm(W) Lens of optimal design is made of crystal clear optical crown glass. This ensures a comfortable viewing for long hours, with power 3.2D.

Working clearance

below lens mount is 250 mm, and field seen can be up to 250 mm.


4x Magnification


The Stand is re-engineered to take care of the heavier lens. Internal concealed spring mechanism allows positioning the Optical head with 900 mm reach from the pivot base and 600 mm in vertical plane

2 No. of LED Board, 4w of each

Shadow free lighting

Power consumption

8 watts

Low power consumption, one-third of CFL unit

Lumen output

800 lumens

High output

Colour temperature


Comfortable daylight

Nominal Lux level at working plane 150 mm

2300 Lux

Matched to CFL level, higher can be provided.

Lamp Life

50000 hrs

This is rated theoretical life as per LED mfgr.